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We offer our customers free software with which our radio receivers, radio transmitters and radio transceivers can be configured.

To download any software, an account is required. If you do not have an account yet or can't remember your access data, please contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with full access to all our software.

Please note that the configuration can only be carried out with a corresponding programming adapter.


EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.1.0 (6.8 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.0 (7.3 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.2 (8.1 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.3 (8.1 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.4 (8.1 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.5 (8.8 MB) EFB-ACL-USB-Config v2.2.6 (latest version) (9 MB) EFB-CAN-Config v1.0.0 (7.3 MB) EFB-CAN-Config v1.0.1 (latest version) (7.8 MB) EFB-CAN v1.0.2 Firmware-Update (7.7 MB) EFB-CAN v1.0.5 Firmware-Update (latest version) (7.6 MB) EFB-EKxW-IR-64K-Config v1.0.0 (8 MB) EFB-EKxW-IR-64K-Config v1.1.0 (7.8 MB) EFB-EKxW-IR-64K-Config v1.2.1 (latest version) (9.1 MB) EFB-HID-Config v1.1.1 (latest version) (3.7 MB) EFB-PA-USB-V02 Treiber und Anleitung v1.00 (latest version) (3.3 MB) EFB-RS232-Config v1.7.0 (6.9 MB) EFB-RS232-Config v1.7.2 (7.9 MB) EFB-RS232-Config v1.7.3 (8.1 MB) EFB-RS232-Config v1.7.4 (latest version) (8.3 MB) EFB-RS232-Config v2.0.1 (latest version) (7.7 MB) EFB-TR2 1v25 (für Firmware v1) (latest version) (466 KB) EFB-TR2 2v2 (für Firmware v2 mit Gruppenfunktion) (latest version) (202 KB) EFB-TR4 Software für EFB-PA-USB-V02 (latest version) (1.7 MB) EFS-IR-64K-Config v0.9.0 (7.9 MB) EFS-IR-64K-Config v1.0.0 (8.1 MB) EFS-IR-64K-Config v1.0.1 (latest version) (10 MB) EFS-PA-USB-V1 Bedienungsanleitung v1.40 (936 KB) EFS-PA-USB-V1 Firmware v1.0.2 (latest version) (7.9 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.1 (6.9 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.2 (6.9 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.3 (8.6 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.4 (9 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.5 (8.8 MB) EFS-USB-Config v1.3.6 (latest version) (9.2 MB) efs16AM 2v13 (206 KB) efs16AM 2v17 (209 KB) efs16AM 2v18 (208 KB) efs16AM 2v21 (210 KB) efs16AM 3v04 (240 KB) efs16AM 3v10 (590 KB) efs16AM 3v15 (581 KB) efs16AM 3v34 (684 KB) efs16AM 3v35 (937 KB) efs16AM 3v36 (1 MB) efs16AM 3v38 (latest version) (1 MB) elseco Firmware Updater v2.0.1 (7.2 MB) ESV-C4K-Config (281 KB) FTD2XX.dll (103 KB) FW Update EFS HS12L SX v1.3.0 (13 MB) KCH-EFS-Config (7.7 MB) RX232 1v0 (195 KB) RX232 1v1 (195 KB) RX232 1v2 (196 KB) RX232HS 1v3 (196 KB) RX232HS 1v5 (199 KB) RX232HS 1v6 (199 KB) uniFB 1v28 (590 KB) uniFB 1v50 (592 KB) uniFB 2v04 (604 KB) uniFB 2v07 (606 KB) uniFB 3v12 (682 KB) uniFB 3v16 (1.2 MB) uniFB 3v19 (latest version) (1.2 MB)